“We can only show them the path, but they must walk it.”

Mdm Kamshanah


Mdm Khamshanah joined Wadi Sofia in 2008, to be among the first to join and contribute to the school's international stream, helping to shape the way we approach dual-syllabus curriculum.

With a Degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Singapore, she has her own flair of teaching students from various backgrounds. To further equip herself she did her part-time post-graduate and in 2013 received her Master in Education from Open University Malaysia (OUM). Learning while teaching, she began to fine tune her teaching methods as she learned to recognise there are various intelligences and her appreciation for education expanded.

It is her aspiration to guide and teach the students of Wadi Sofia as how she would like her own children to be taught: with sincerity, kindness, care and understanding. As the Principal of Wadi Sofia, she sees her role as a guide and an educator. Schools can provide materials for learning to facilitate their education, but to succeed students themselves must make the effort. She is here to point them in the right direction.

Mdm Khamshanah believes Wadi Sofia to be the best place for students to grow, both physically and personally. With our small student body, she hopes to give each student the specific attention they need to realise their full potential and help them in their journey of self-discovery.

Where other schools have to struggle with a large student body, we are fortunate we can approach each student as individuals. These are their formative years and it is the best time to instill confidence in themselves. Each student is unique. Here, they will never be lost in the crowd.

The school has always maintained a small student body with a history of close ties with parents, one of the key reasons why Wadi Sofia is able to produce such wonderful graduates. She hopes to continue this tradition and have the parents continued trust and support.

“Each child has the potential to be something special, but they can only grow to great heights when they have strong roots to support them. So let's come together and create the foundation the students need and deserve."