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Wadi Sofia Kindergarten (WaSKid) is truly a one-of-kind centre of childhood learning in Kota Bharu. It offers a spacious environment with fully equipped outdoor playground in a green surrounding and classrooms which are modern, clean and clutter free. Students are able to have a fun and safe space to explore and embrace nature as part of their daily learning experience. 

Our programme integrates the syllabus of the National Preschool Curriculum Standard 2017 (KSPK) through a Thematic Integrated Approach that covers the child's intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development towards the holistic growth of a child. Apart from Bahasa Melayu, all the materials and lessons delivery are in English, aligning with the adoption of The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for the use of English in preschool education. On top of this, the mixed nationalities in the classrooms present a conducive environment to encourage students to naturally use English as their main language of communication.


WaSKid is staffed by qualified English proficient university graduates, headed by a Singapore trained Early Childhood coordinator with a Masters Degree in Education, ensuring an engaging and fun learning experience for the students. 

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