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The Campus

You are one of a kind. So are we.

Wadi Sofia Schools is a private co-educational institution established in 2002 which provides kindergarten, primary and secondary education. The school was founded by Datuk Hassan Harun, the current principal. Datuk Hassan is a well known advocate of life-long learning. He has opened several schools and higher learning institutions namely Maktab Adabi (1970), Akademi Kenali (1974), Institut Pengajian Tinggi Adabi (1984), Institut Teknologi Tun Abdul Razak (1991) and Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (1997).

Surrounded by lush, tropical fruit trees, Wadi Sofia Schools is situated on the outskirts of Kota Bharu, Kelantan, north-east coast of Peninsula Malaysia. It provides a peaceful learning environment away from urban distractions for students who aspire a holistic education.

The riverside campus houses two hostels with 132 twin sharing rooms, three fields, two science laboratories, a computer lab, a resource centre, a library, a multi-purpose hall, a canteen, a launderette and a convenience store. Our facilities may be humble, but we do strive to educate our students to be more resourceful,

creative and innovative.

Wadi Sofia Schools offers programmes based on the Cambridge curriculum (CAIE) for primary and secondary students leading to IGCSE and the national curriculum for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) for form 4 and form 5 students only. It also offers extracurricular activities including sports and clubs.

At Wadi Sofia Schools, we believe that each child is unique and is blessed with the talent to be successful, and that talent can only be realised through a process of self-discovery. With smaller sized classes, we are able to provide a personalised and supportive learning environment to our students. Classes are more one-to-one teacher and student interactions, thus encouraging student driven participation in its learning process. 

As with other schools, academics and examinations play a central role in the lives of the students and teachers alike. However, we believe that it is just one of the constituent parts of student achievements.  With our pool of qualified, dynamic and dedicated teachers, we aim to bring out the full potential of our students and allow them to explore their interest, making them become confident and resilient global citizens.

Our students in Wadi Sofia Schools are multiracial, multicultural and multinational, currently comprising of students from over 20 countries. Through their daily social interactions, our students are able to learn about each others differences and bond over their similarities.

Wadi Sofia Schools prides itself for its leadership, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial qualities. We are also keen on adopting new technology and are now embracing blended learning. We encourage the use of laptops and iPads/tablets to enrich the classroom’s learning environment.

As many of our alumni fondly remember Wadi Sofia as a “home away from home”, we are proud to offer you the educational opportunities available in our school. We are confident that your child will be contented and successful. We look forward to welcome you and your child to our close-knit family.

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