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Mohammad Sarabi b. Hajiri
Vice Principal

“Acquiring knowledge can be vital to the mental and spiritual development of individuals.

Seeing the learning process happening, just satisfies our souls.”

The rapid digitalisation of education has propelled us to restrategise our approach to traditional learning.


As teachers, we must not only focus on nurturing our students' mental capabilities, social interactions and other learning experiences both inside and outside of the classroom, but we must also bring to their awareness the imminent danger of gadgets and technology if it is neither used wisely for their self-improvement nor towards the achievement of their own educational goals.


The misuse of gadgets can only happen if students are not fully equipped with the right guiding tools, proper educational system and good moral values. 

Thus, Wadi Sofia Schools will do its best to help our students overcome the overwhelming domination of technology in our everyday lives by bringing their attention to its responsible use and raising their awareness of its pros and cons.


In this digital age, the true essence of education now is that of students learning how to learn, how to gather data, how to acquire knowledge and then how to relearn that knowledge within the context of new information. Therefore, I fervently hope our students will be able to develop their joy for learning and life-long learning skills under their teachers' guidance and supervision here in Wadi Sofia Schools.

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