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"Teach with wisdom, nurture with compassion."

Ustaz Maceda

Vice Principal

A graduate of UIA, Ustaz Maceda is Wadi Sofia's vice principal and had been part of our school since 2008. With an extensive background in Islamic Studies, he brings an important spiritual balance to the school. Originally from the Philippines, he has made Kelantan his home for more than a decade and uses this experience to help students from abroad and other Malaysian states to settle and adapt to their new environment.

While in UIA, he was a head trainer, teaching management for 2 years, in a leadership training program. It was then he began to see the importance of knowledge and education. Teachers must help students grow and educate them to appreciate what knowledge represent: the grandeur of God’s creations. At Wadi Sofia, he wants to share these concepts of Tarbiyyah (to nurture) and Mutaqqeen (to be mindful of God). These two concepts became the basis for his philosophy in teaching and carries the responsibility of truth, virtue, and perseverance. 

Ustaz Maceda takes Prophet Muhammad SAW as a role model, who taught that before sharing knowledge one must first fully understand the subject. Next, even more important, one must understand the student. For Ustaz Maceda, education is not just teaching the subject matter, but also helping students learn about themselves and helping them grow as a person. For this to occur, students require discipline which he believes is best instilled through example.
“Children learn what they see, do what they learn. We, as teachers, must set the benchmark.